Office picWith the Holiday Season quickly approaching, so is the relentless and unforgiving season of the Cold and Flu….

The office workplace is filled with hidden germs and viruses ready to go home with you.  Protect yourself, your family and your co-workers by being aware of where these microbes linger and grow.  Know the hot spots, blast the hot spots and have a safer, healthier winter season.  Keeping the office sanitary and germ free all the time is next to impossible on your own, but there are simple, cost efficient and time efficient ways to lowering your risk of catching a virus and spreading illness.

Hire Professionals:  Regency Cleaning & Maintenance provides a professional cleaning service that sanitizes and offers a deep clean to your workplace.  We take extra care with our equipment and products to eliminate cross contamination.  Our products are hospital grade, safe for the environment and kills 99% of bacteria and microorganisms that lead to virus and illness.  Our trained workers leave your office space sanitized and ready for business no matter what your janitorial needs may be.  Communication and individual service is something we pride ourselves on to insure each business feels their needs are being met and are completely satisfied.

Even with professional care, it is important to be aware of the Office Hot Spots and work with your service to insure everyones safety.  

  1. Open surfaces:  Clear your desk each night for your cleaning crew so they can thoroughly disinfect the area.  Busy careers often lead to the desk being the main event for germs as it serves as a lunch table, meeting space and paper collector.  A desk used by one person can have 2100 germs on the surface!  Shared tables and workspaces should be completely cleared each night as germs in these areas multiply quickly with sneezing, coughing and personal items.  University studies have shown that the average office desk top can contain more then 400x the germs that are found in the standard office toilet.germs.  So, clearing clutter and personal items allow our products to kill a large spectrum of bacteria and virus while deep cleaning the surfaces.
  2. High Touch Areas:  These include light switches, office phones, copy machines, railings, door handles, areas of chairs, water faucets and coolers.   Mail carts and office trollys are another favourite home for bacterial growth. These items will be cleaned daily by our professionals with disinfectant wipes made for professional use as opposed to customer use.  These products will eliminate cross contamination and help eliminate germs from spreading to more personal items such as stationary, keyboards, computer mouse and personal devices.
  3. The coffee Pot!: So often this item is only rinsed out…along with the communal mug collections found in office kitchens.  If you do not arrange a personalized service with your cleaning crew, it is so important to wash the pot and mugs with hot soapy water and dry.  Dish cloths and sponges should be replaced with disposable paper towels or thrown in the dishwasher (if your office has one) for sterilization.
  4. Welcome mats, boot racks and office carpet space:  The surface that takes the most beating and rarely thought of!  Deep cleaning carpets should be done bi-yearly.  Mats that allow people to wipe their shoes and store their boots should be sanitized nightly with a safe and effective spray provided by your crew.
  5. The hand shake:  Still an important part of daily life and business and basically unavoidable. Wash your hands frequently and have hand sanitizer available