Janitorial Services Burlington

Janitorial services in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Oakville and Mississauga can sometimes issue a challenge. With the winter months in full force and Mother Nature showing no mercy with Snow and ice cold temperatures, it is so important to keep our roads, driveways, walkways and entrance clean and clear for pedestrians,  The most common and widely available resources to help us do this is the use of sand and/or salt.

Salt: salt alone is very effective against slippery surface by lowering the freezing point of the water in the ice, causing it to melt and stay in liquid form.

Sand: while effective at managing ice, it does not melt ice.  Sand is an abrasive material that provides friction over ice, if the weather is too cold, sand can clump up and add to the ice.  It is only effective as long as it stays on the surface.  If it is buried by snow it must be re-applied.

Regency Cleaning and Maintenance has found that using the two together has been very effective at keeping offices slip free and clear of ice, while minimizing how much salt is tracked into the offices. In the long run salt and sand causes damage to floors, grouting and carpets, so proper cleaning and removal from the office is essential.

Boots and salt marks are a fact of life during the winter months, but there are ways we can keep the damage down. Regency Cleaning And Maintenance can help your employees can enjoy a safe and clean atmosphere to work in and your professional cleaning crew can keep up with their nightly responsibilities.

* provide boot racks and winterized industrial matts for front entrance

* encourage your employees to bring a change of shoes for the work day to avoid salt and sand being tracked through the office

* your custodial workers from Regency Cleaning and maintenance will wash the floor each evening with a peroxide base cleaning solution and a winter rinse to break down salt residue and staining.  Following this treatment, products such as BreakDown XC will be used to continue the breakdown of any organic matter left behind and eliminate any Odour.  This product works on floors and carpets, chairs, carpets and anywhere organic stains and odours have occurred. Finally, a final clean water rinse to remove any residue and leave floors with a natural shine.

While keeping up again the fight between safety and office mess, it is important to remember to book a deep carpet steam clean in the early spring with Regency Cleaning and Maintenance.  Our carefully trained and skilled cleaners will reverse the winter damage on your carpets and floors.

Stay warm! Stay Safe! Lets keep the Salt where it’s needed…outside!