Spring is Here!  Salt be Gone!

Canadian winters can take a toll on our offices and work facilities.  The endless and frustrating battle of salt stains and constantly tracking in debris.  Office carpets, while a popular choice for floor covering are still the number one area that traps dirt, dust and mites and hold them close, right down to the backing of the carpet.  This traps and holds the moisture of the winter weather and causes mold to grow. Carpets are magnets for indoor air pollutants, particle pollution and insects that cause allergies.
Why should you have your carpets deep cleaned?
Carpeting in the office is more then soft decor.  Its provides warmth during the winter months by holding in the heat.  It prevents and/or cushions a fall.  It acts as a noise reducer, allowing your employees to concentrate and work more productively.  Finally, it acts as a filter and improves air quality by trapping debris and contaminants.
What goes in, must come out!  vacuuming alone will not clean the damage of the winter.  Professional carpet cleaning from Regency Cleaning & Maintenance can eliminate these trapped pollutants and kill bacteria.  It will stop mold growth and extract all moisture from the base of the carpet.  It will eliminate dust mite infestations.  Regency Cleaning & Maintenance uses hot water extraction along with environmentally safe deodorizers and disinfectants to leave your carpets fresh and clean. The carpets will be completely dry within 12 hours, free of stains and harmful bacteria.
Routine Carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet while providing a safe and healthy environment for your workspace.  Book your carpet cleaning today for a fresh tomorrow!!