Our Team

We are a family-run business and have over 75 experienced and professional staff, who are fully trained and supported by a supervisory team. They ensure complete safety and efficiency in their work while meeting specific standard guidelines and delivering the best results. They are precise in their work and act with integrity at all times.

Our promise

We ensure that your facility is cleaned in an environmentally responsible manner, with the utmost care and attention to detail. When you require stripping of floors, carpet steam cleaning, window washing, day porter service or other maintenance services, we are here to help. Quotes are available for each of our services.

Hiring a janitorial service means you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time supervising your service. At Regency we are proactive in our approach. Our supervisors inspect your facility nightly. The work is inspected and potential issues are corrected so that your day runs smoothly and in a clean work environment.

If you require our staff to be in uniform or wear identification tags, just let us know and we will provide the necessary items.

Lastly, we use the latest technology and our cleaning equipment is always kept up to date and in good working order.

Let Regency clean and service your facilities at your convenience, during the day or in the evening. Regency is very flexible and will design the ideal Janitorial services program, to suit your busy schedule.